Set full set of makeup tools, soft and non-shedding makeup brush

This makeup brush comes from the design of makeup artist. The material, density and shape of the bristles are carefully calculated and sampled repeatedly, making it comfortable and easy to handle. It belongs to the advanced makeup brush for makeup lovers to try more, understand more and use more to feel the charm of different brush types

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Brushes are usually expensive, so take care of them.

After each use, be sure to gently wipe the brush with a paper towel in the direction of the bristles to remove residual color and makeup powder.Rinse with diluted shampoo in warm water and rinse with cold water every two weeks.Lay the bristles flat and allow them to dry naturally.

Clean your makeup brush in 7 easy steps

Brushes are like our hair. They need good care to stay soft and shiny.Clean wool brush ability changes a neat makeup look, dirty brush provides cannot change a beautiful makeup look not only, still can make makeup look is discounted greatly!

Different brush is provided as a result of utility and material qualitative differ, the frequency that clean is different also, teach you here the simplest discriminant method: the colour makeup that contains oil to be taller is tasted use brush to provide, the number that clean is about to be more frequent.Because oil residue is easy to adhere to dirt and bacteria, so that the use of the brush is more and more dirty, and harm the health of the skin, so it is necessary to be more diligent in cleaning.

Proper cleaning procedure

STEP1: use discharge makeup water or brush to provide clean fluid to pour in honey powder lid, about the weight of a thin complete cover, let brush hair touch take adsorption, slightly for the color makeup that dissolves adhesion article.

STEP2: the shampoo essence of natural composition pours in the basin mix dozen blister, brush wool to mix adequately again circle at bubble water.

STEP3: brush wool to hold in the palm, catch with repeat, put gimmick, make the residual smudgy in brush wool and colour makeup are cleared completely come out.

STEP4: brush tail end at wool again, also be the place that often contacts colour makeup to taste, clean carefully again clean.

STEP5: Finally, clean the brush with a large amount of water, and completely clean the residual detergent in the brush with a clean basin.

STEP6: If brush because use cleaner and become too astringent, can reoccupy a few protect hair element, straighten out wool tail slightly, and should clean clean with a lot of clean water likewise.

STEP7: take a few paper towels or a bibulous good towel, cover brush hair press a few times, make moisture as far as possible after being sucked dry, flat put in ventilated place to dry in the shade can.

TIPS: Daily maintenance method

Brush: most need to dye the color of the brush, usually after each use, just use the face paper brush back and forth on the top of the flat brush, brush to no longer appear color can.

Lip brush: The lip brush does not need to be washed frequently, otherwise it will make the bristles lose elasticity. After each use, wipe the remaining lipstick on the tissue directly.

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