• Are eye makeup brush set private label bad for your skin?
    Are eye makeup brush set private label bad for your skin? May 29, 2023
    Eye makeup has always been an important part of women's beauty routine. There is no doubt that eye makeup has become a necessity for women in their daily lives. With advancements in makeup technology, there are now endless makeup brush sets available in the market. Eye makeup brush set private label, wholesale brush make up set, and custom pink makeup brush set, are some of the popular options available. However, the question is, are they bad for your skin? Makeup brushes are essential tools for the beauty industry. They are used to apply an array of cosmetics, including makeup, powder, and blush. While makeup brushes are practical, they are also a breeding ground for bacteria. When brushes are used on the face, the bacteria on the brushes can cause skin irritation and infection, which can lead to acne. This risk increases when brushes come into contact with liquid products, such as foundations and concealers. The excess product can get absorbed into the bristles of the brush, creating a damp environment, which promotes the growth of bacteria. Eye makeup brush set private labels are one of the most popular products used by beauty enthusiasts. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, designed to suit different types of eye makeup application. However, these brushes are often made with synthetic materials, which can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. The bristle materials can affect how the product is applied, but it can also cause significant harm to the skin. On the other hand, wholesale brush make up set and custom pink makeup brush set are an alternative option to eye makeup brush set private labels. Wholesale brush make up set options are available at a lower price, and some products are made with natural materials, which are gentler on the skin. Custom pink makeup brush set is another option for those who are looking for soft and hypoallergenic bristles. In conclusion, it is important to pay attention to the type of makeup brush set you are using. Eye makeup brush set private label, wholesale brush make up set, and custom pink makeup brush set are all available options on the market. However, it is essential to consider the products' materials, sanitation, and brand quality before purchase. With proper hygiene, maintenance, and materials, makeup brushes can be an excellent investment for your beauty routine without causing harm to your skin.
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  • Which makeup brush is more popular in recent years
    Which makeup brush is more popular in recent years May 16, 2023
    The Beili makeup brushes set is a black set that offers a variety of brushes in a sleek design. Makeup brushes have always been an essential tool for every beauty enthusiast and makeup artist. They help in achieving a flawless finish on the face while enhancing the beauty of the whole look. However, with the rise of vegan, cruelty-free and synthetic options, the makeup brush industry has undergone a transformation. Here, we are going to explore the trend for vegan cruelty-free synthetic pvt label makeup brushes and how Beili Brush has kept itself updated to cater to this shift in demand.The trend for vegan cruelty-free synthetic pvt label makeup brushes has been growing since the past decade. Most of the makeup brushes are made of natural animal hair, especially from goats and horses. However, with an increase in awareness of animal cruelty, people started shifting to cruelty-free options. Synthetic brushes are made of man-made fibers and are cruelty-free. They have the same softness and blendability as natural brushes but are often more affordable.Moreover, the trend towards vegan makeup brushes has also grown recently, with people opting for brushes that are free from any animal-derived ingredients. Beili Brush recognized this trend and produced the 40 pcs natural hair makeup brush set, which is specifically designed for those who prefer natural hair brushes. The brushes are made of high quality, soft natural hair, perfect for blending and buffing all types of makeup products. They are easy to clean and maintain and come in a travel-friendly bag. The set has 40 brushes that cater to every beauty need.Cosmetic custom logo black makeup brush sets are another popular category that has come into the limelight recently. With the rise of social media, bloggers, and influencers, brands are being recognized by their distinctive designs and logos. Companies are producing customized makeup brush sets for their brand to offer a unique experience to their customers. One of the key features of Beili Brush is that it produces brushes that are cruelty-free, vegan, and synthetic. The company prioritizes using synthetic fibers that are more feasible and don’t compromise on quality. Moreover, the brushes are tested for quality, safety, and durability to ensure that they will last for a long time. They have also launched private labeling services, allowing other brands to customize brushes under their label.In conclusion, the trend towards vegan, cruelty-free, and synthetic makeup brushes is increasing day by day. The set has brushes for foundation, powder, blush, and contour, making it a complete package for makeup lovers.Beili Brush has kept itself updated to cater to this shift in demand. The company understands the importance of creating makeup brushes that are not only beautiful but ethical too. Their products have set a high standard in the beauty industry, and their continuous effort in innovation and excellence...
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  • Anhui BEILI Makeup Technology Limited Corporation Announces May Day Holiday Schedule
    Anhui BEILI Makeup Technology Limited Corporation Announces May Day Holiday Schedule Apr 28, 2023
    Anhui BEILI Makeup Technology Limited Corporation has announced its holiday schedule for the upcoming May Day holiday. According to the notice, the company will be holiday from April 29th to May 2nd, and will resume operations on May 3rd.The May Day holiday, also known as International Workers' Day, is a public holiday in China that celebrates the achievements of the working class. It is a time for people to relax and spend time with their families, as well as a popular time for travel and shopping.For those who are interested in purchasing makeup products from Anhui BEILI Makeup Technology Limited Corporation, it is important to note that the company's holiday schedule may affect the delivery time of their orders. However, the company assures its customers that they will do their best to minimize the impact on their business operations during this time.One popular item from Anhui BEILI Makeup Technology Limited Corporation that customers may want to consider purchasing during the May Day holiday is the New Black 24pcs Makeup Brushes. These high-quality brushes are perfect for applying makeup and creating a flawless look. They are made with synthetic fibers that are soft and gentle on the skin, and are designed to last for a long time.Another popular item from the company is the Double-End Eyebrow Brush Cosmetics Make Up Brushes. This brush is specifically designed to help customers create the perfect eyebrow shape. The double-end design allows customers to use one end for shaping and the other end for blending, making it an essential tool for anyone who wants to achieve a natural-looking eyebrow.In addition to these products, Anhui BEILI Makeup Technology Limited Corporation also offers the Wholesale Multi-Color Makeup Sponge 3D Beauty Egg. This sponge is perfect for blending and creating a flawless finish. It is made with a soft, latex-free material that is gentle on the skin and easy to clean.Overall, customers can expect Anhui BEILI Makeup Technology Limited Corporation to provide quality products and exceptional customer service, even during the holiday season. With their comprehensive range of makeup products, including the New Black 24pcs Makeup Brushes, Double-End Eyebrow Brush Cosmetics Make Up Brushes, and Wholesale Multi-Color Makeup Sponge 3D Beauty Egg, customers can create their desired look with ease.
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  • How does makeup sponge egg clean
    How does makeup sponge egg clean Feb 08, 2023
    Cleaning makeup sponge egg is divided into three steps, the first step is to use water to soak the makeup sponge egg, it must be thoroughly soaked, after completely soaked, use your hand to squeeze out the water in the sponge egg. The second step is to apply cleaning soap and squeeze the egg with both hands. Stop squeezing the egg when it returns to its original color. The third step is to wash the sponge egg with water. When washing, it must be squeezed repeatedly, otherwise it is difficult to wash the foam in the sponge egg.Why do you wet your makeup eggs?When the beauty egg is wet, the size is twice the original, and at this time, the pores of the beauty egg will also increase. If you use this beauty egg to make up, the makeup will be more comfortable. If you are not wet, makeup eggs are dry, not only the use of texture is not good, but also there will be powder absorption, if the quality of makeup eggs is not good, will also leave some traces on the face, so, in the use of makeup eggs, must use water to wet makeup eggs. In addition, when using makeup egg makeup, do not use the push and pull makeup, that is, horizontal and vertical paint, so easy to appear uneven makeup. The correct way to apply makeup is to press and pat, not only to make the makeup more comfortable, but also to make it more natural.Why do makeup eggs get hardThere are two reasons for the beauty egg to be hard, the first reason is that it is not used for a long time, if it is not used for a long time, the beauty egg will become hard, in this case, you can soak the beauty egg in clear water, a few minutes later, the beauty egg will restore the original state. The second reason is that the quality of the beauty egg is not good. If the beauty egg becomes hard after only one use, it means that the quality of the beauty egg is not good. This kind of beauty egg can not be used, although it looks similar to the ordinary beauty egg, it will appear to eat powder. When choosing beauty eggs, it is best to choose some beauty eggs with delicate pores. Beauty eggs with delicate pores are not only soft, but also have good water absorption ability, and the foundation will be more suitable.
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  • Ali International New Trade Festival in March: 30,000 cross-border live broadcasts of new products will be promoted
    Ali International New Trade Festival in March: 30,000 cross-border live broadcasts of new products will be promoted Feb 02, 2023
    News on January 6th, recently, the head of the industry and merchant business department of Alibaba International Station appeared in the first official live broadcast of the New Year to release the new game of March New Trade Festival. He revealed that during March new Trade Festival, Alibaba International Station will push 30,000 cross-border live broadcasts of new products, 40 brand new product conferences, and 10,000 short video releases of new products. In terms of definite business opportunities, the "Big Buy Private Matchmaking" will be launched during the New Trade Festival in March, so that both buyers and sellers can find more definite products, prices and services.The person in charge introduced that during the New Trade Festival in March, nearly a thousand industry leaders will have exclusive video customized exclusive template, so that China's high-quality supply can be displayed with one click, and buyers can all-round online video factory visit, see products. At that time, 40 online new product conferences will be held for merchants who have the willingness and operation ability to go overseas. The platform will provide 1V1 services such as expert group guidance, live special training and advertising optimizer.During the live streaming, the director also shared his insights on the trends based on the platform data, including the continuous triple-digit growth of new energy, the rise of Generation Z consumption, the meta-universe with fire VR/AR equipment, the idyllic lifestyle with fire camping fishing and beekeeping, the pet economy is evolving into the second maternal and child racetrack, the construction frenzy in various countries with fire green building materials and small construction machinery.BEILI, as a senior wholesaler of Ali makeup brush tools customization, will also participate in the New Trade Festival held by Ali every March. During the activity, our best-selling professional makeup brushes will have a large discount. If you want to customize wholesale products, you can search BEILI shop directly on Ali Baba, send an inquiry, and get free samples
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  • Do you know how to dry clean makeup brushes?
    Do you know how to dry clean makeup brushes? Jan 11, 2023
    When the makeup brush is used, the grease on the skin will dip into the bristles, and the long-term use is not clean, which is a great burden to the skin. The accumulation of bacteria will increase the skin sensitivity and the chance of acne. Sometimes it is too late to clean, and the brush is dirty to some foundation brush has been full of foundation, and the face is brush marks when it is used.Clean your makeup brushes without using water, and teach you how to dry clean themMethod 1: Makeup Brush Spray + Thickened NapkinsHow to use: Spray the makeup brush spray on the thickened towel paper, the makeup brush gently back and forth on the paper a few times, to be dry can be used again, do not spray the spray directly on the makeup brush, there will be damage to the makeup brush, because the choice is thickened tissue than ordinary tissue thick, general toilet paper spray brush may be broken, makeup brush spray brand is not limited, many counter brands are out.Method two, thickened napkin + honey powderUsage: thickened napkin can generally remove most of the residual makeup on the makeup brush, but if you still feel not clean enough, you can add powder into the advanced version, the makeup brush with powder, evenly "wrap" up powder "shake off the remaining powder, and then take the thickened napkin to brush back and forth a few times, this method is suitable for people who are not too dirty. If you don't have a lot of bright makeup brushes, get a big can of loose powder and use it more or less so it doesn't hurt as much,Method 3: Makeup Brush Dry Cleaning BoxHow to use: Gently brush the brush back and forth on the sponge. The dense Spaces on the sponge can remove the powder from the brush. Also suitable for use with dry powder makeup brushes, especially eye brushes, which only need a few brushes but are an absolute must for complete multi-colored eye makeup! Multi-color eye makeup is most afraid of mixing colors, resulting in eye makeup looks very dirty, simple steps and a few seconds to clean the makeup brush, very convenient, the sponge inside the box dirty can be turned over to use; If both sides are dirty, you can wash and reuse them, or just buy a new one and replace it.BEILI is a professional manufacturer of makeup brushes and tools, and makeup brush dry cleaning boxes are also available to purchase directly from the store. There are not only dry cleaning boxes but also washing pads, which are a complete range of makeup brush cleaning AIDS. Custom wholesale and retail are OK.
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