• What harm can the bacteria in makeup brush cause to facial skin?
    What harm can the bacteria in makeup brush cause to facial skin? Aug 31, 2022
    How much bacteria and microbes do makeup brushes leave behind?Antibacterial makeup brush antibacterial solution.Have you ever heard of microbie-infested makeup brushes?Each makeup brush material composition is mainly hair, brush tube, brush rod three parts.A good makeup brush, brush is the main raw material for making makeup brush, but also the main factor affecting the function of the brush.Brush animals use the phase of hair in the process of brushing, which will have an impact on the medium due to the impact. Usually, different molds are planted, but in the case of damp, different varieties will be produced. In the case of hairy, in the case of hairy, it is affected, there are multiple processing effects, and usually there is an effect. This tool works especially well, so when using makeup tools, more advanced makeup can become contaminated and spoiled. If the mark is
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  • How to choose appropriate makeup brush
    How to choose appropriate makeup brush May 19, 2022
               With the continuous development of social and economic level, modern women are paying more and more attention to their appearance.Almost everyone comes into contact with cosmetics.Want to make up better, can't leave our commonly used makeup brush and makeup brush.Can replace cotton swab and hand coating, the effect is more obvious.There are many kinds of makeup brushes on the market, and their uses are also different.BEILI Makeup Brush has been making and researching makeup brushes for many years.This news will let you know how to choose the best and most appropriate makeup brush at the time of purchase.The first we should understand what different material makeup brush has, from the point of view of their own needs to choose.The first we should understand what different material makeup brush has, from the point of view of their own needs to choose.Nowadays, with the increasing demand for makeup brushes by the vast number of users, different types of products appear around us, providing us with high-quality choices.But not every makeup brush has obvious advantages to meet the needs of different users.Accordingly, when choosing to make up as a user to brush, the quality of a material that needs to brush wool to its, softness, color undertakes comprehensive understanding, ability judges whether its is trustworthy, offerSecond, from the needs of different occasions, makeup brush technology, use to fully understand the relevant information of makeup brush tools.Nowadays, the development of the cosmetics industry has brought us a variety of related facilities that provide us with quality options.However, as a user, facing a wide variety of makeup brushes, we need to find the right choice from the point of view of our own needs.Only such ability assures place to choose make up brush to be able to give full play to its outstanding advantage in using.Finally, when we choose a makeup brush, we can look at the color and touch of the brush.A good makeup brush should have a bright color, soft hair, and very delicate bristles to touch.Such brush should be evenly applied, will not cause damage to the skin.
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  • Makeup trends you won't want to miss in 2022
    Makeup trends you won't want to miss in 2022 May 07, 2022
    How has the pandemic reshaped the global cosmetics industry?top makeup trends for 2022The pandemic shaped the makeup trends last year and this year. For 2022, the top makeup trends are all about switching things up with less and sometimes, more. It’s about winged eyes, clear skin, glitters, and metallics. Here are the top trends for 2022 you shouldn’t miss:Natural lookNatural makeup is a thing, and it involves wearing very soft undertones so that it appears as though you have no makeup on. This may include wearing light foundation or concealer, faux freckles, ditching a lipstick for a lip gloss, or using soft-toned eyeliner.Makeup artists now use fewer products to achieve a natural look instead of heavy makeup. Also, going for a natural look is probably the most effortless DIY makeup.Diffused lipsAs seen on the Spring 2022 runways, inspired diffused lips are predicted to be a makeup trend this year. Diffused lips involve using lipstick in a lighter way so that it only stains the center of the lip and fades towards the edges. It’s a subtle, natural, and effortless look best achieved by using a brush to apply the lipstick.Shimmery eye shadowsShimmery eyeshadows make the eyes pop out and beautiful. We will be seeing more of the glittery and shimmery eyeshadows this year, especially in fall. If you are willing to try something new, get some shimmers for bold, glittery eyes.Fluffy eyebrowsIn 2022, there is an emphasis on natural, fluffy eyebrows. This is best achieved by shaping your brows and using brow products to sweep them softly. Another popular trend for the eyebrow is the colored brows like orange and red to achieve a futuristic look.Trending makeup products on Alibaba.comIt is quite satisfying to find the right makeup to create the perfect look. E-commerce stores like Alibaba.com have made it easier for top makeup artists and consumers to shop their favorite beauty products. Keep going for the trending makeup products on Alibaba.com you can use to recreate your favorite look.EyelinersEyeliners and graphic liners are top products since they are needed to get winged and underlined eyes done. Eyeliners are available in different shades, colors, and forms, but the favorite seems to be Neon for the Spring runways.EyelashesEye makeup became a really big deal after the world realized we might be wearing face masks for a while. The people’s favorite eyelashes are the strip lashes that require no glue.Eyebrow pencilsOh yes, taking over the top trending beauty products on Alibaba.com and other platforms. Eyebrow pencils help create a fuller eyebrow and arch your brows for a hair-like look.
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  • How to avoid brushing off makeup?
    How to avoid brushing off makeup? Aug 24, 2022
    First of all, the water temperature that washes makeup brush cannot be too high.Personally feel a little warm, not cold enough.At the same time, try not to let the sprinkler head be wet by water, which can reduce the makeup brush bristles caused by makeup.When brushing makeup, had better use left and right flat brush or circle.Do not tug on the brush head.If you wash your hair this way, most of the hair that falls will be short or broken hairs that are not tied up.After brushing with makeup brush, use absorbent paper towel or paper towel from the nozzle to gently squeeze the hair tip to absorb water.Don't use a towel, let alone scrub, then hang upside down or flat to dry.When using a makeup brush, try to gently apply makeup in the direction of the bristles.Keep the bristles away from hard and sharp objects.You can try.Use a pair of eyebrow tweezers to gently grasp the fine, lightweight wool.Without exertion, the bristles would have broken off.Most of the makeup brushes we use are dyed or bleached and rarely have a natural hair color.Stained bristles may fade during the first few washes.At this time the bristles are basically floating color, wash a few times can be washed.At that time, in the later use process, the bristles that can have a few factors to cause makeup brush fade again.At this time we have to pay attention to the use of the method is appropriate.If the same brush runs out of color every time you wash it, be aware that you're using the right cleanser.After dyeing our hair, stylists often remind us to wash it with a weak acid shampoo and not too hot to make the color last longer.Similarly, alkaline cleaners and high water temperatures can cause the bristles to fade.If you don't notice significant fading on your makeup brush, but the bristles fade over time, it could be that your makeup brush has been exposed to the sun for a long time.
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  • What classification does makeup brush have and usage? Detailed usage of makeup brush
    What classification does makeup brush have and usage? Detailed usage of makeup brush Jun 24, 2022
    Generally, the hair of makeup brush is divided into natural hair and artificial hair.Natural hair has a complete hair scale, so the hair is soft and strong, can make makeup more comfortable, and will not stimulate the skin.Mink hair and yellow Wolf hair are the best natural hair, soft texture moderate, the price will be small expensive;Goat hair is a relatively common wool;Horse hair is relatively soft, but the elasticity of horse hair is a little poor;Grey mouse fur is of the highest quality and can be expensive, but it is also what you pay for.The texture of artificial hair is hard, suitable for thick paste makeup, but the price will be relatively low, more artificial hair is used for foundation brush;Nylon texture is the hardest, used as eyelash brush, eyebrow brush and so on.Detailed usage of makeup brushPosition the blush brushApply blush to the face in a circular motion at the laughing muscle. To get the blush just right, it's best to keep smiling and sweep away from the top of the smiling face.Attention should be paid to the blush and eye makeup, nose, mouth should have a certain gap, do not blend.Soft honey paintYou can tap the bottom with a small amount of honey powder after makeup or before makeup is completed to fix makeup or remove grease, or brush blush or outline shadow, but pay attention to each use of makeup feeling is different, need to clean makeup brush, do not use alternately.Precise contour sweepClear double lip, sweep shadow gently in the sunken place of zygoma lower part, also can sweep dark cheek red at here, form stereo feeling, also can use inclined sweep to hit shadow in chin place and chin place, in order to narrow facial ministry outline.Clear lip brushTouch right amount lipstick or labial color daub exterior contour of double lip, fill in next, can make double lip more full so, colour and lustre is more full-bodied and bright.Flexible eyebrow sweepA brow sweep comes in handy when eyebrow powder is needed.Dip in the right amount of eyebrow powder to sweep the eyebrows, can strengthen the eyebrow line can also make the eyebrows more vivid.In our daily life, although not every female friend will make up every day, but still have to learn a little makeup, when attending some formal occasions, good makeup can often play the role of finishing point.Makeup makes our skin tone more symmetrical and full, and also makes our facial features look more delicate and perfect. As a woman, we should learn to decorate ourselves with appropriate and graceful makeup.Do acme woman, learn to make up the first step to know makeup brush!
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  • According to the pros, the best branded makeup brush ever
    According to the pros, the best branded makeup brush ever Apr 27, 2022
    Whether you're inclined to a less-is-more makeup mentality or still committed to your full face, the best brushes can take your look to the next level.In a perfect world, our own professional makeup artist would magically appear at the snap of a finger, but the next best thing would be to ask professionals what tools they swear to use and stock our beauty library with the brushes best suited to the job.While about 90 percent of the makeup and technology you use is related to your appearance, another 10 percent comes down to the tools you use.In our opinion, if you didn't choose to call Michelle Obama's makeup artist for a day look, you could at least take it one step further by using one of the brushes he always carries.If you've ever wondered how makeup artists achieve the perfect dewdrop shine, bombshell eyebrows and top bold lips, part of the secret lies in the brush.We polled some of our favorite makeup artists, whose clients include the Hadid sisters, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Michelle Obama, about the best brushes and makeup brands they can't live without.This is what they share.
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