• Do you know how to dry clean makeup brushes?
    Do you know how to dry clean makeup brushes? Jan 11, 2023
    When the makeup brush is used, the grease on the skin will dip into the bristles, and the long-term use is not clean, which is a great burden to the skin. The accumulation of bacteria will increase the skin sensitivity and the chance of acne. Sometimes it is too late to clean, and the brush is dirty to some foundation brush has been full of foundation, and the face is brush marks when it is used.Clean your makeup brushes without using water, and teach you how to dry clean themMethod 1: Makeup Brush Spray + Thickened NapkinsHow to use: Spray the makeup brush spray on the thickened towel paper, the makeup brush gently back and forth on the paper a few times, to be dry can be used again, do not spray the spray directly on the makeup brush, there will be damage to the makeup brush, because the choice is thickened tissue than ordinary tissue thick, general toilet paper spray brush may be broken, makeup brush spray brand is not limited, many counter brands are out.Method two, thickened napkin + honey powderUsage: thickened napkin can generally remove most of the residual makeup on the makeup brush, but if you still feel not clean enough, you can add powder into the advanced version, the makeup brush with powder, evenly "wrap" up powder "shake off the remaining powder, and then take the thickened napkin to brush back and forth a few times, this method is suitable for people who are not too dirty. If you don't have a lot of bright makeup brushes, get a big can of loose powder and use it more or less so it doesn't hurt as much,Method 3: Makeup Brush Dry Cleaning BoxHow to use: Gently brush the brush back and forth on the sponge. The dense Spaces on the sponge can remove the powder from the brush. Also suitable for use with dry powder makeup brushes, especially eye brushes, which only need a few brushes but are an absolute must for complete multi-colored eye makeup! Multi-color eye makeup is most afraid of mixing colors, resulting in eye makeup looks very dirty, simple steps and a few seconds to clean the makeup brush, very convenient, the sponge inside the box dirty can be turned over to use; If both sides are dirty, you can wash and reuse them, or just buy a new one and replace it.BEILI is a professional manufacturer of makeup brushes and tools, and makeup brush dry cleaning boxes are also available to purchase directly from the store. There are not only dry cleaning boxes but also washing pads, which are a complete range of makeup brush cleaning AIDS. Custom wholesale and retail are OK.
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  • How do I clean a makeup brush so it won't explode
    How do I clean a makeup brush so it won't explode Dec 05, 2022
    Beauty brushes are a must for delicate makeup, such as foundation brush, loose brush, eyeshadow brush, blush brush, and lip brush. Especially the foundation brush and other wet brush, if not timely cleaning, the bristles in the growth of bacteria, simply let the base makeup brush into a disfiguring brush.Brush is not to the dirty effect of use before cleaning, like foundation brush, eyeliner brush and other wet brush, very easy to produce bacteria damage the skin, at most ten days to clean, blush brush, powder brush and other dry brush, two to three months to clean once. Cleaning brushes must not be rough! Rubbing back and forth, as well as drying with a hair dryer, is a big mistake. It will only make your brush "fried" and there is no chance of recoveryThe right way is to use clean water, along the natural direction of the brush wet, with special paint cleaning products, gently brush back and forth in the palm. If brushes are dirty, there are a lot of whitewash cleaning boards out there, which are a lot like super mini washboards. In fact, the principle is the same, in the case of not mess with the bristles let the cleaning force greatly doubled, and then with water will paint on the cleaning agent to wash clean, gently pinch the bristles with the hand, if the flow of water is clear, it represents has been completely clean.Wash clean with a towel, gently press out the water in the brush, put in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally, pay attention to! You can't just leave it out in the sun for the sake of urgency! Or blow dry with a hair dryer!
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  •  If the makeup brushes are not cleaned up, what kind of damage will the residual bacteria cause to the body?
    If the makeup brushes are not cleaned up, what kind of damage will the residual bacteria cause to the body? Nov 03, 2022
    Do you know how many bacteria and microbes remain in makeup brushes? The material composition of each cosmetic brush mainly consists of three parts: hair, brush tube and brush rod. A good makeup brush, the hair head of the makeup brush is the main raw material for making makeup brushes, and it is also the main factor affecting the function of the brush. For example, animal hair uses special treatment methods in the processing process. If the hair quality is not handled well, it will be affected by the external environment. For example, if it is wet, makeup brushes will breed bacteria. Because there are too many microorganisms in makeup tools, when using makeup tools , No matter how advanced the cosmetics will be polluted and deteriorated. If you use this breeding brush for a long time, it will not only damage the skin, but also accelerate skin aging. So when we choose makeup brushes, we must choose the right ones, so as not to exceed the standard of microorganisms. The specific antibacterial treatment process is as follows:1. Before the application of antibacterial treatment, the raw materials to be cleaned on the surface have no other subject matter that cannot be treated, no other effects, as few as possible, and the longest effect. 5%.2. The preparation of working solution uses antibiotic GNCE5700-Z. Antibacterial processing and finishing, the concentration of the agent is calculated according to the intake of raw materials. The proportion of additives is 0.5%-1% of the raw materials.3 Processing steps① Immerse the stock in the working solution.② Press to roll the remaining working fluid, or extract it out.③Drying (temperature 100℃-150℃, time about 55s, the specific temperature and time are determined by the product and process). BEILI is an experienced factory specializing in the production of cosmetic brushes for more than ten years. Each brush is made with careful design and the unique skills of professional masters. It is widely liked in the market, and can also be customized with LOGO and customized packaging Wait, the price is favorable, and you can rest assured about the quality.   
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  • The service life of the makeup brush
    The service life of the makeup brush Oct 11, 2022
          How long can makeup brush be used commonly?The first time I bought a lot of brushes, animal hair, fiber bristles and so on, not many times, cleaning is not much, this time used, still usable?A makeup brush is a must-have tool for every woman, but you know what?The service life of the makeup brush is limited, so follow me to understand itGenerally do not use makeup brush, to clean and then save or store ~ otherwise it will damage the makeup brush.As for whether it can be used, it is the first to wash and then look at the next, after drying to see the softness of the brush and the power of holding the powder is still OK.Otherwise, you can only buy another makeup brush.Generally speaking, the life of makeup brushes is about one year.You can prepare some cost-effective brush soft hair makeup brush, fiber hair material is good, you can buy BEILI makeup brush, material is very fewMakeup brush cleaning and maintenance.Usually the makeup brush is used after daily cleaning with cold water, or use some mild detergent, or makeup brush specific detergent to clean the brush head.If it is animal hair, or more delicate, you can use baby shampoo, or soap is also OK, because there will be a certain amount of oil, it is not easy to fry the bristles.Brush washing tools will be more convenient, such as brush mat, relatively large, brush more, so it is also very convenient to wash up, for different brushes, there will be different pattern block division, will be more detailed.If you're a beginner, use two fingers to cover the tiny ones that can also brush eggs.The brush is basically a circular cleaning way, so that the cleaner can be washed clean, but the action must be gentle, not too hard!If it is an animal hair brush, must be treated differently, remember to use the direction of your usual brush to determine the direction of your washing brush, that is to say, the beauty brush should be used one-way before and after the way, not two-way (is not back and forth, to flow with the hair, to ensure a direction, so it is not easy to blow hair).When washing, the brush head should face down and the water should flow from above.If the brush head is up or the whole brush is in the water, you think you are clean, but the water can easily stay where the bristles join the brush rod, and the wood handle can easily crack.After rinse with water, wipe again with cotton towel, on the one hand to ensure that the above wash clean, do not leave makeup residue, on the other hand can absorb excess moisture, dry faster.Just be sure to brush in one direction along your hair so you don't blow it up.The last thing is air drying.It is better to put in a cool and ventilated place, do not expose to the sun.You can use dry brush rack, brush smooth after cleaning, brush head vertically down into a cool and ventilated place to dry, natural air dry.
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  • What harm can the bacteria in makeup brush cause to facial skin?
    What harm can the bacteria in makeup brush cause to facial skin? Aug 31, 2022
    How much bacteria and microbes do makeup brushes leave behind?Antibacterial makeup brush antibacterial solution.Have you ever heard of microbie-infested makeup brushes?Each makeup brush material composition is mainly hair, brush tube, brush rod three parts.A good makeup brush, brush is the main raw material for making makeup brush, but also the main factor affecting the function of the brush.Brush animals use the phase of hair in the process of brushing, which will have an impact on the medium due to the impact. Usually, different molds are planted, but in the case of damp, different varieties will be produced. In the case of hairy, in the case of hairy, it is affected, there are multiple processing effects, and usually there is an effect. This tool works especially well, so when using makeup tools, more advanced makeup can become contaminated and spoiled. If the mark is
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  • How to choose appropriate makeup brush
    How to choose appropriate makeup brush May 19, 2022
               With the continuous development of social and economic level, modern women are paying more and more attention to their appearance.Almost everyone comes into contact with cosmetics.Want to make up better, can't leave our commonly used makeup brush and makeup brush.Can replace cotton swab and hand coating, the effect is more obvious.There are many kinds of makeup brushes on the market, and their uses are also different.BEILI Makeup Brush has been making and researching makeup brushes for many years.This news will let you know how to choose the best and most appropriate makeup brush at the time of purchase.The first we should understand what different material makeup brush has, from the point of view of their own needs to choose.The first we should understand what different material makeup brush has, from the point of view of their own needs to choose.Nowadays, with the increasing demand for makeup brushes by the vast number of users, different types of products appear around us, providing us with high-quality choices.But not every makeup brush has obvious advantages to meet the needs of different users.Accordingly, when choosing to make up as a user to brush, the quality of a material that needs to brush wool to its, softness, color undertakes comprehensive understanding, ability judges whether its is trustworthy, offerSecond, from the needs of different occasions, makeup brush technology, use to fully understand the relevant information of makeup brush tools.Nowadays, the development of the cosmetics industry has brought us a variety of related facilities that provide us with quality options.However, as a user, facing a wide variety of makeup brushes, we need to find the right choice from the point of view of our own needs.Only such ability assures place to choose make up brush to be able to give full play to its outstanding advantage in using.Finally, when we choose a makeup brush, we can look at the color and touch of the brush.A good makeup brush should have a bright color, soft hair, and very delicate bristles to touch.Such brush should be evenly applied, will not cause damage to the skin.
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