• Are makeup brushes or sponges better May 29 , 2023
    When it comes to applying makeup, the tools we use are just as important as the products themselves. One of the most debated topics among makeup enthusiasts is whether makeup brushes or sponges are better. In this blog post, we’ll explore this topic in detail and take a look at some popular makeup brush brands like Beili Makeup Brushes and the Natural Hair Makeup Brush Set. Let’s begin by dis...
  • The Ultimate Multifunctional Makeup Tool Kit for Every Type of Look!
    The Ultimate Multifunctional Makeup Tool Kit for Every Type of Look! May 16 , 2023
    When it comes to makeup brushes set with logo, you need to find brushes that are made with soft bristles, have sturdy handles, and are designed to deliver seamless finishes. To take your makeup game up a notch, it’s essential to have a high-quality brush that can enhance your work. The private label makeup brushes set pink can add a feminine charm to your vanity while also giving you a perfec...
  • 10 Must-Have Makeup Brushes for Beginners Apr 11 , 2023
    Makeup brushes are essential tools for makeup. Whether you are a beginner or a professional makeup artist, you need to have the right makeup brushes to create beautiful looks. Here is a list of 10 essential makeup brushes every beginner should have: 1. Foundation Brush: This brush is used to apply liquid and cream foundations. It helps to evenly distribute the foundation and blend it into the...
  • What kind of makeup brush is it made of Feb 08 , 2023
    Makeup brush is an important tool in the process of makeup, although some friends used to use the hand, but use a makeup brush to make up is not a few. So what kind of hair is the makeup brush made of? How often should I wash my makeup brush?Makeup brush bristles are mainly divided into animal hair and artificial hair two categories, the brush tube of the makeup brush, that is, the mouth tube, is ...
  • Manuals for different makeup brushes Feb 02 , 2023
    BEILI is releasing a new professional brush set for 2023, so let me show you how to use it.1. Contouring brushIt's flat and compact, perfect for contouring your face with a powder or cream.How to use it? Lightly mark the areas to darken, then blend into small circles from the inside out.Care: Wash with soap and water after each use to avoid bacteria and excess product on the next use.2. Blush ...
  • What are the different characteristics of different materials of eyeliner brush Jan 11 , 2023
    Eyeliner brushes are commonly used in plaster or liquid eyeliner products. They are suitable for highlighting around the eyeball, making the eyeball more prominent and making the eye look more attractive. Commonly used eyeliner brush mainly have: goat hair synthetic hair pony hair  these three different materials1. goat hair eyeliner brush: has excellent cohesion, elasticity and durability, h...
  • How does makeup brush wash not hurt hair
    How does makeup brush wash not hurt hair Dec 05 , 2022
    (1) Self-made powder puff cleaning liquid used to be able to make cleaning liquid only because of olive oil and shampoo (dishwashing detergent). Mix in a ratio of 1: 1, and then take the brush inside to turn ~ turn ~ turn ~, and then the brush will become super clean. The oil in it can not only dissolve makeup, but also clean gently without damaging hair. It is definitely a way to save money!(2) B...
  •  2023 is coming soon, won't you choose makeup brushes yet?
    2023 is coming soon, won't you choose makeup brushes yet? Nov 03 , 2022
    The perfect outfit is, of course, paired with outstanding makeup. Follow me to learn how to choose the right makeup brush tool!  First: The hair for makeup is mainly divided into animal hair and synthetic hair. The tube is mainly wooden handle and plastic handle, and the mouth of the tube is generally made of copper or aluminum. Its main function is to apply makeup on the face. The ...
  • The usual makeup brush needed for business trips Oct 11 , 2022
    There are many kinds of makeup brushes.For daily makeup, women can combine makeup brushes according to their personal makeup habits, but the basic configuration has 6 makeup brushes: powder brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush.1, loose paint: swept powder texture silky, makeup more clean and lasting.2. Concealer brush: The fine brush head can brus...
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