new fashion makeup brush set BEILI High Quality Copper Tube Natural Pony Hair Makeup Brushes Private Label Eye Shadow Blending Brushes Set for Eye
Makeup tools are an essential part of any beauty enthusiast's collection, and choosing the right brushes can make a significant difference in the application and finish of your makeup. While there are countless makeup brush sets available on the market, customizing your own set allows you to tailor the brushes to your specific needs and preferences.
BEILI best quality makeup brushes set 18 white holder Eye pencil brow lash Nano wool fiber Cooper tube cleaning tool eyeliner BEILI 18 pcs makeup brush set champagne premium synthetic mini eye white gold juego de brochas de maquillaje natural hair OEM

The 18-piece white eye brush set offers versatility, precision, and various brush shapes and sizes to help achieve a wide range of eye makeup looks, from subtle to dramatic, while ensuring professional, well-blended results.

BEILI premium makeup brushes set 19 pcs makeup brush set private label pink brush set BEILI private label oem low moq pink makeup brushes fluffy goat pony synthetic hair eyeshadow blending brushes

19 pink eye brushes combines exceptional performance and high-quality materials. Crafted with precision, these brushes are designed to deliver flawless eye makeup application. The soft, synthetic bristles offer a gentle touch, allowing for effortless blending and precise placement of eyeshadow. Made from durable materials, these brushes ensure long-lasting use and easy maintenance. 

BEILI eye angled concealer organizador de brochas de maquillaje vegan synthetic hair shining wooden handle wooden handle shadow BEILI New Design liner Fine Eyebrow Synthetic Sickle Blade make up brush set custom logo brochas pinceau de maquillaje natural

Introducing our collection of 8 black and silver eye brushes with wooden handles and goat hair bristles. These brushes offer a sleek and sophisticated design while providing exceptional functionality. The soft and luxurious goat hair bristles ensure seamless blending and precise application. The black and silver color combination adds a modern touch to your makeup routine. 

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    Our first priority is to provide the great quality productsand professional service to our customers with their satisfaction
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    Our first priority is to provide the great quality productsand professional service to our customers


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BEILI History:BEILI was established in 2012.For more than 10 years,we have been focusing on the produc- tion of high-end makeup brushes. We have an experienced professional team,each brush is handmade by professional craftsmen. Our main advantage is that we use high quality raw materials especially natural hair for makeup brushes and good prices for the quality.With unique handle colors and quality materials,they attract more clients once they are launched out.Also we have our patent products which shows its real beauty when time goes. It is trusted that quality brushes will be popular in long term and it is a big help for good business.Mainly we do private label or customization for clients especially makeup artists and distribute our goods overseas,quality is guaranteed as a brand.From inquiring confirming,ordering,processing,packing,shipping,we care about what you require what you need.We would like to explore more necessary items with good raw materials and workmanship.In our business concept,no business too small,no problem too big,our only limitation is your imagination,Mutual Benefits and Common De- velopment is our final aim!What are you wait- ing for? Anhui BEILI Makeup Technology Co., Ltd.is your right choice!OUR TEAM:
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Wonderful this brush, very soft. It's the second one I buy. Ideal for applying illuminator powder. Very fast shipping
Brushes are cool, I bought on the advice of a makeup artist (at which I studied). Took a set of 25 keys. For 1400 with what-then rubles (at a discount). Alik surprises, as the brush has brought me a courier, or perhaps it does not depend on him and the seller. Brushes are all whole, each was in a picket, and some are still in a special. Things) take it, you will not regret it)
Very happy with the goods, description and pictures correspond. Brushes quality, each in individual packing, brushes with natural pile in double packing. The pen is black with a shiny coating, there are no inscriptions, which is very pleasing. The pile is pleasant, nothing sticks out, there are no jambs. The parcel was packed in a dense film. Delivery is very fast (amazing for me, used to wait for months), came even earlier than the expected period.
So happy my order arrived just when I least expected it I love my brushes an i love the thank you gifts that were put inside Such a beautiful thoughtful get sure
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