BEILI new makeup brushes are on the market Jan 27, 2022

It's snowing in Hefei! It is the first snow in Hefei in 2022! Originally, the weather forecast that the snowfall in Hefei would not fall until tomorrow. Unexpectedly, it came early at noon today (26th). It is expected that the snow will not end for a while, and it may fall until the 29th. Especially tomorrow (27th), the snowfall in Hefei will intensify, and the strongest can reach the heavy snow level. Pay attention to keep warm and cold.

Today, Anhui will start the snowfall process from north to south, and snow will increase in some areas from tomorrow.Forecast, today, huaibei area sleet or light snow;Moderate sleet or moderate to heavy snow in the Dabie Mountains, light to moderate rain in other areas.The province's northeast winds of about level 3, gusts of force 6.Tomorrow, huaibei area has small to medium snow, snow in some areas;There will be moderate rain to moderate sleet or moderate to heavy snow in Jianghuai region, including some areas in dabie Mountains.There is moderate rain or moderate sleet along the Yangtze River.Meteorological authorities warned that the rain and snow in Anhui is large, and some areas have strong precipitation. It is during the Spring Festival travel rush, so the public should pay attention to traffic safety and plan their trips reasonably.

Don't know if it's snowing in your city? The city where BEILI company is located is Hefei, Anhui, China. It has snowed and the weather is very cold. How do we go out to maintain a beautiful makeup when it snows? First of all, we still need to choose a better makeup brush tool. Now BEILI has released a lot of new makeup brushes, the price is also very favorable, come and try it, the weather is cold, be sure to pay attention to the cold, friends

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