How to choose the false eyelashes that suit you Dec 31, 2021

Luster: The color is bright, smooth, not dull, which is the characteristic of high-quality false eyelashes.

Softness: A material that is too hard will put a lot of pressure on the eyelids, and after wearing it, it looks fake and unnatural. If the false eyelashes are too soft, they are not upright enough, and the curling degree will be inferior. The most suitable is that it is soft when you gently pinch it with your hands, which is slightly harder than your real eyelashes.


Curvature: Good false eyelashes will naturally turn up, which is similar to the growth curve of upper eyelashes. Straight false eyelashes will feel stiff when worn, and there will be no aesthetic feeling.


Practicality: If you want to make your debut at a party, choose exaggerated false eyelashes, such as rhinestone, feather-like, colorful eyelashes. However, it is best not to be too dramatic for gatherings of friends or dating couples, as that will make people uncomfortable.


Eyelash glue: This is very important. I have seen a woman in her 30s. She is actually very beautiful, but she has been buying cheap false eyelash glue, and now the skin at the root of her eyelashes is severely damaged and often inflamed. So be sure to buy a big brand of glue, and it is not expensive and scary, for less than 100 yuan, definitely choose very good quality eyelash glue.

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