Makeup trends you won't want to miss in 2022 May 07, 2022

How has the pandemic reshaped the global cosmetics industry?

top makeup trends for 2022

The pandemic shaped the makeup trends last year and this year. For 2022, the top makeup trends are all about switching things up with less and sometimes, more. It’s about winged eyes, clear skin, glitters, and metallics. Here are the top trends for 2022 you shouldn’t miss:

Natural look

Natural makeup is a thing, and it involves wearing very soft undertones so that it appears as though you have no makeup on. This may include wearing light foundation or concealer, faux freckles, ditching a lipstick for a lip gloss, or using soft-toned eyeliner.

Makeup artists now use fewer products to achieve a natural look instead of heavy makeup. Also, going for a natural look is probably the most effortless DIY makeup.

Diffused lips

As seen on the Spring 2022 runways, inspired diffused lips are predicted to be a makeup trend this year. Diffused lips involve using lipstick in a lighter way so that it only stains the center of the lip and fades towards the edges. It’s a subtle, natural, and effortless look best achieved by using a brush to apply the lipstick.

Shimmery eye shadows

Shimmery eyeshadows make the eyes pop out and beautiful. We will be seeing more of the glittery and shimmery eyeshadows this year, especially in fall. If you are willing to try something new, get some shimmers for bold, glittery eyes.

Fluffy eyebrows

In 2022, there is an emphasis on natural, fluffy eyebrows. This is best achieved by shaping your brows and using brow products to sweep them softly. Another popular trend for the eyebrow is the colored brows like orange and red to achieve a futuristic look.

Trending makeup products on

It is quite satisfying to find the right makeup to create the perfect look. E-commerce stores like have made it easier for top makeup artists and consumers to shop their favorite beauty products. Keep going for the trending makeup products on you can use to recreate your favorite look.


Eyeliners and graphic liners are top products since they are needed to get winged and underlined eyes done. Eyeliners are available in different shades, colors, and forms, but the favorite seems to be Neon for the Spring runways.


Eye makeup became a really big deal after the world realized we might be wearing face masks for a while. The people’s favorite eyelashes are the strip lashes that require no glue.

Eyebrow pencils

Oh yes, taking over the top trending beauty products on and other platforms. Eyebrow pencils help create a fuller eyebrow and arch your brows for a hair-like look.


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