According to the pros, the best branded makeup brush ever Apr 27, 2022

Whether you're inclined to a less-is-more makeup mentality or still committed to your full face, the best brushes can take your look to the next level.In a perfect world, our own professional makeup artist would magically appear at the snap of a finger, but the next best thing would be to ask professionals what tools they swear to use and stock our beauty library with the brushes best suited to the job.While about 90 percent of the makeup and technology you use is related to your appearance, another 10 percent comes down to the tools you use.In our opinion, if you didn't choose to call Michelle Obama's makeup artist for a day look, you could at least take it one step further by using one of the brushes he always carries.

If you've ever wondered how makeup artists achieve the perfect dewdrop shine, bombshell eyebrows and top bold lips, part of the secret lies in the brush.We polled some of our favorite makeup artists, whose clients include the Hadid sisters, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Michelle Obama, about the best brushes and makeup brands they can't live without.This is what they share.

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