• BEILI 2022 new professional makeup brush set
    BEILI 2022 new professional makeup brush set Sep 16 , 2022
    Makeup lovers will know that a good brush is always your best ally.Sometimes we even tend to use hand makeup, but each product has a specific tool, this year we have a new several different makeup brush, today we will explain to you the characteristics of our new white 24 professional makeup brushA makeup brush is a device with a set of bristles attached to the handle and, in this case, its primar...
  • How to distinguish the advantages of eyeliner brush Aug 31 , 2022
    Eyeliner brushes are usually used in cream or liquid eyeliner products, suitable for stippling the highlights around the eyeballs, making the eyeballs more convex and making the eyes look more charming. Commonly used eyeliner brushes mainly include: mink hair eyeliner brush, nylon eyeliner brush and horsehair eyeliner brush.1. Mink hair eyeliner brush: It has excellent polymerizability, elasticity...
  • How to make an eyeliner brush look cleaner Aug 24 , 2022
    An eyeliner brush is a brush used to apply eyeliner.But the eyeliner brush itself has no color. It is a makeup tool specifically designed to apply eyeliner. It is used with eyeliner or water-soluble eyeliner.The brush head of eyeliner brush also divides into flat short hair and fine hair two kinds.Basically, flat, shorter bristles are easier to control and easier to use.A good eyeliner brush will ...
  • The Importance of Good Makeup Brushes Jul 22 , 2022
    If you new to the makeup scene or you’re not a regular makeup user, you need to understand the importance of quality makeup brushes. A lot of makeup newbies and amateurs do not realize the importance of quality tools and brushes, and this should not be so. Most of them do not even know which tools and brushes to buy, and this article will help them through a number of issues, including identifying...
  • The making process of makeup brushes Jun 24 , 2022
    Generally speaking, the brush consists of three parts: brush rod, metal nozzle,Brush head brush rod: general materials are acrylic, plastic, wooden rod, bamboo rod, metal rod, resin acrylic, plastic, collectively known as the casting handle, need to customize the moldThe most common are bamboo and wooden poles. Ctenophile is the most widely used wooden pole. In addition, there are high g...
  • Avoid makeup mistakes May 19 , 2022
    Are you still upset that your makeup isn't perfect?Sometimes the wrong makeup can lead to ineffective makeup and make you look less beautiful. Here are some tips for avoiding the wrong makeup.The first choice is to use the right makeup brush, just a gentle brush, you can make your makeup flawless.Using a paint brush, rather than your fingers, can reduce the spread of germs, help make your foun...
  • How to use different types of makeup brushes? May 07 , 2022
    In the whole makeup look, the most important is foundation, so the most worthy investment is also foundation makeup brush!What are the differences between different types of paint?How to use them?In addition to makeup tips, there are a few things that might be possible to make your makeup look great.In addition to makeup tips, there are a few things that might be possible to make your makeup look ...
  • How to avoid makeup brush hair loss? Apr 27 , 2022
    First, wash makeup brush water temperature should not be too high.Personally, it feels a little warm, but not cold enough.At the same time, do not let nozzle be wet by water as far as possible, so that can reduce the makeup brush hair caused by makeup.When brushing, it is best to use left and right flat brushes or circles.Do not tug on the brush head.If washed this way, the hair that falls out is ...
  • BEILI business product introduction Feb 25 , 2022
    BEILI has been established for more than ten years. It is a professional makeup tool manufacturer. We have different sales platforms, cooperate with different big brands, have our own factories and cooperative factories, specializing in the production of makeup brushes, false eyelashes, liquid foundation palettes , makeup brush storage bag, face wash remover towel, makeup puff, false eyelash tweez...
  • The correct use of sponge eggs Jan 27 , 2022
    The correct use method of makeup sponge egg is to wet 80% after pinching dry water with isolation or foundation liquid pat on the face, remember to use the way of pressing when using. To be effective, they need to be soaked in water before being used.How to apply sponge eggs: BaseThe first step:Prepare a container full of water, add beauty makeup egg, let its absorbing water, water, beauty makeup ...
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