• How to choose a makeup brush Oct 25 , 2021
    If you want to make your makeup more refined, the rational use of makeup brushes is essential. Different types of brush heads have very different functions and effects. Today, I will briefly talk about the first compulsory course of makeup brushes.According to the classification of hair quality, it can be divided into two categories in simple termsNatural bristles: animal hair, soft hair, strong p...
  • What are the materials of the makeup brush Nov 08 , 2021
    Generally speaking, the service life of makeup brushes is 3 to 5 years, but it also varies with the use and care of each person. Like myself, the shortest brush used for brushing powder seems to be less than half a year, and the longest used for 3 and a half years. The brush used for brushing cream must be cleaned every time it is used up, so the service life will be shorter. . The makeup puff cot...
  • Investigation on the Skills of Using Makeup Brushes Nov 16 , 2021
    Divide the makeup brush carefullyEye shadow brushThe eye shadow brush set of flat form has a few models of big and small commonly, can choose the brush of different size according to the demand of eye makeup.Large eye shadow brush: used for eye base or highlight brightening, color coverage is relatively large.Medium eye shadow brush: suitable for eye socket and double eyelid position color and fai...
  • The Origin of Christmas Dec 20 , 2021
    An important Christian festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.Also known as Jesus Christmas, the Main nativity festival, also known as the Catholic Christmas feast.The date of Jesus' birth is not recorded in the Bible.In 336 AD the Roman Church began to celebrate the festival on December 25.December 25 is the original Roman Empire provisions of the sun god's birthday.Some believe...
  • How to use makeup brush set Dec 31 , 2021
    FOUNDATION BRUSHESThe first is the foundation makeup brush that we will use first. The foundation brush is an invisible tool for makeup, such as nasolabial lines, mouth lines, pores, etc., which can be hidden with one brush. If the foundation brush is selected correctly, the makeup is half of the success. The foundation brushed out by the foundation brush will be more translucent and less heavy.Th...
  • BEILI Company Introduction Jan 15 , 2022
    BEILI  Makeup is a professional supplier of makeup brushes and other makeup tools for makeup artists.business owner,brands. it is established in 2018, we start production 10 years ago. Company is located in Anhui Province with convenient transportation access which is near shanghai port. Direct shipping by express or landshipping is open to all countries. Our main advantag...
  • The correct use of sponge eggs Jan 27 , 2022
    The correct use method of makeup sponge egg is to wet 80% after pinching dry water with isolation or foundation liquid pat on the face, remember to use the way of pressing when using. To be effective, they need to be soaked in water before being used.How to apply sponge eggs: BaseThe first step:Prepare a container full of water, add beauty makeup egg, let its absorbing water, water, beauty makeup ...
  • BEILI business product introduction Feb 25 , 2022
    BEILI has been established for more than ten years. It is a professional makeup tool manufacturer. We have different sales platforms, cooperate with different big brands, have our own factories and cooperative factories, specializing in the production of makeup brushes, false eyelashes, liquid foundation palettes , makeup brush storage bag, face wash remover towel, makeup puff, false eyelash tweez...
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