How does powderpuff sponge make up brush clean Feb 25, 2022

Powder puff, sponge, and the eye shadow stick that draws eye shadow often to use, had better use disposable type.These appliances are very strong to the adsorption force that colour makeup tastes, produce smudged most easily, a lot of beauty makeup shops sell disposable sponge and eye shadow stick, use already cheap safe, need not worry about meeting breed bacterium completely.

If your sponge and powder puff value is not cheap, in addition to the detergent can be used to clean with soap, soap contains soap alkali, the cleaning effect of powder is very good, after washing the same to dry in the shade, and determine the whole dry can be used, so as not to cause more pollution due to residual moisture.

Because powder puff and sponge dirty quickly, usually had better prepare more than two, in order to use alternately.To the powdery bottom product with different color depth, should use different powdery puff or sponge, lest mix color, affect makeup effect.After using for a period of time, use neutral lotion or soap to rub, and then put in a ventilated place to dry.

How to clean:

Step1 thoroughly wet the powder puff first.

Step2. Then rub the wet rinse puff with the laborers until foaming.

Step3. Repeat the puff until the wet powder is completely washed off the puff.

Step4. Place it in a ventilated position and dry it naturally.

Maintenance TIPS:

1. After the powder puff is cleaned, do not wring it by hand. Roll it up with a towel and wring out excess moisture, and then dry it thoroughly in the shade.

2. If the feeling between the powder puff and the skin after cleaning is no longer soft and comfortable, and the edges are broken, it is time to change a new one.

3, try to put the powder puff in a separate box to keep it clean and not mixed with other makeup products.

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