How does the novice learn to make up and the problem that make up should pay attention to Mar 08, 2022



Segregation frost

Liquid foundation

BB cream

Stick double-fold eyelid

False eyelash

Eyelash to cream

Powdery bottom


Liquid eyeliner

Cheek is red



1: Wet the skin first, pour the toner into the palm of your hand and gently pat it on the face until it is completely absorbed by the face.

2:Spread the cream evenly over your face.

3: render.Apply foundation to face evenly, then apply BB cream to face.(If you're used to using a foundation brush, use a foundation brush to make the foundation look even)

4: Then, if single-eyelid sister wants to make her eyes look bigger, you can paste double eyelid first.(PS: Newbie should first recommend ready-made eye paste bought in the market).

5: Next comes the thrush.Novice can try to use eyebrow powder first, always come to say eyebrow powder makeup is a bit simpler.For better techniques, try using an eyebrow pencil.

6: Next is the eye shadow part, eye shadow is divided into pearl and no pearl.If you want to look bright, then you need to choose pearlescent foundation, on the contrary, choose the latter.

7: Then the eyeliner part, new makeup can first use eyeliner stroke, if the skin is easy to oil liquid eyeliner and then trace, so it is not easy to take off the makeup caused by the eyes.

8: by eyelashes.Use false eyelashes and mascara.

Wear false lashes if you want them to look long.(PS: Apply the glue to the lashes and wait for a while before wearing them. Then brush the false lashes and the real ones with mascara. Finally, gently squeeze the real and false lashes with an eyelash curler.)

If you don't feel comfortable with false lashes, you can apply only your eyelashes. Using an extended-length mascara can also make your lashes look long and curved.

9: Then blush, you can choose the color of blush according to your skin color, smile, in a circle painted on both cheeks.

10: use powder to fix makeup finally, with fix makeup brush in order to change circle way besmear at facial ministry, so can make the skin look more delicate.

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