How to apply makeup step by step Dec 07, 2021

Step 1: Moisturize

Be sure to do a good job of moisturizing before makeup, so as to avoid card powder, unsatisfied situation.The most basic steps to protect skin are: make up water - essence fluid - emulsion - face cream - sunscreen - segregation cream.

Step 2: Makeup primer

Makeup primer used in the first step before makeup, can improve dark skin, uneven skin tone, and even concealer.It's very easy to use, just spread them evenly over your face, you can use a colored egg.

Step 3: Cover concealer

The concealer you need to use is concealer, which mainly covers acne or blemishes. In these areas, apply concealer and push it away with your hand.

Step 4: Air cushion or foundation

Common base products include air cushion, BB cream or foundation liquid.3 quality of a material is different, go up makeup method also is different.The air cushion is thinner and lighter. When you smear it, pat it gently so that it can be evenly smeared on your face.BB cream is best applied with egg makeup, first evenly spread it on the face, then gently smear with egg makeup, until completely removed.Foundation is similar to BB cream.

Step 5: Eyebrows

Use eyebrow pencil to draw a frame according to oneself eyebrow shape first, reoccupy eyebrow pink to fill it next.Finally, use a small brush to gently sweep the part of the brow to make it appear natural.

Step 6: Eye makeup

Apply eye shadow first, then eyeliner and mascara.When painting eye shadow, pay attention to the whole eyelid base with the matte light eye shadow of light color first, and then draw with the dark eye shadow of dark color in the 2/3 place after eyelid, and finally reoccupy the pearl light eye shadow on the eyeball dizzy dye can.If it's light makeup, just apply the liner to the back and run it down the base of your lashes.Finally, it is mascara, first use eyelash curler to curl up, and then brush mascara, with the Z-shaped brush, can avoid eyelashes become legs of flies.

Step 7: Lips

Finally, the lips are painted again, the lipstick is applied to the lower lip first, and then the lip compression is carried out, and then the lip compression is painted again, so that the lip makeup is the most natural.For fuller lips, start with the lip peaks, fill in the upper lip and then the lower lip.

Step 8: Blush

Take the blush with a large brush and slap it on the cheek. Apply the blush from top to bottom.

Step 9: Makeup

The final step is to complete the makeup, also using a large brush, dip it in loose powder, and then gently sweep from every part of the face.

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