Understanding and function of makeup tools Nov 08, 2021

Sponge: A special tool that can evenly spread the foundation and make the foundation and the skin more fit. Choose a sponge with a softer, elastic and denser texture. Sponge puffs are divided into round and inclined surfaces. The round shape can be used in a large area, and the inclined surface can handle small parts.

Powder puff: Used to apply makeup powder, generally in a round shape. There is a half-circular interlayer or a wide band behind the professional makeup puff. During the makeup process after the makeup is set, the makeup artist should hook the tape on the back of the puff with his little fingers to make a liner to draw, so as not to scratch the already painted makeup. It is recommended to choose a fluffy, light puff

Eyebrow pliers: used to trim the shape of the eyebrows. When using it, you should pull it along the direction of the eyebrows, and the speed should be fast. It is easy to damage the hair follicles and cause pain when you use it.

Eyebrow trimming knife: used to trim the eyebrow shape, or remove excess facial hair. When choosing a blade, choose a protective blade to prevent scratching of the skin.

Scissors: To repair long eyebrows, use a rolling brush to tidy the eyebrows before trimming. It can also be used to trim eyelashes and false eyelashes

Meimu stickers: mainly used to adjust the eye shape. Nowadays, there are beautiful eye stickers that are specially used to adjust the specific shape of the inner eyes. Generally, we need to trim according to different eye shapes. The following drooping eye shapes can be used to widen the tail of the eye to make the eyelids droop. Improved. Meimu stickers should be attached to the folds of the double eyelids.

Eyelash curler: It can make the eyelashes more curled and natural. Generally, stainless steel products are selected. When selecting, you should observe whether the rubber pad is strong and elastic; the rubber pad for the spoken language must be able to completely match, otherwise it is easy to clip the eyelashes.

False eyelashes: There are two kinds of false eyelashes and the other one. The whole set of false eyelashes can be used to modify the entire eye area to make the eyelashes look thick. The eyelash bundle is suitable for local planting and pasting, reflecting the natural eyelashes.

Eyelash glue: used to bond false eyelashes or facial accessories, generally choose milky white products. When the eyelash glue is in the "semi-dry" state, the viscosity is the strongest. Choose a soft, elastic, and non-irritating animal brush. Does not fall apart, does not shed hair.

Fan-shaped brush: The fan-shaped brush has a full appearance, soft and curved hair. It is mostly used to remove excess loose powder on the face. It is the largest type of makeup brush.

Contouring brush: used to brush bright and shadow colors, used to modify facial contours.

Blush brush: Choose a blush brush with a soft and arc-shaped hair. The soft hair can sweep out a soft blush. When you smile, it will be more lovely if you swipe the blush on the laughing muscles.

Eyebrow brush: When choosing an eyebrow brush, choose a beveled brush with soft hair. If you like natural eyebrows, you can prepare an eyebrow brush and apply a little brow powder to smooth the eyebrows.

Eye shadow brush: When choosing a brush, you should choose a soft hair. You can prepare several eye shadow brushes of different sizes, the large one is light-colored, and the small one is dark-colored. Can better highlight the transition of eye shadow, eye shadow brush is more professional.

Sponge brush: It can be used by non-professionals, it can smooth out the eye shadow powder.

Eyeliner brush: Choose the petite and soft hair quality of the brush head. Use the eyeliner brush to draw the eyeliner to achieve a natural and soft effect. You can use the eyeliner brush to dip the eyeliner powder on the roots of the eyelashes.

Lip brush: If you want to paint a good lip shape, in addition to using a lip liner, you can also use a spring brush to finish it, so that you can save a lot of color lip liner. You can use a lip brush to dip the lipstick to outline different types of rubbing, and it can also help even the color.

Dual-purpose eyebrow comb: one side is the eyebrow brush, and the other is the eyebrow comb. Sweeping the eyebrows with the eyebrow brush can make the eyebrow color more clear.

Concealer brush: Use foundation to cover blemishes, bags under the eyes and dark circles on the face. Makes the face look cleaner.

Rolling brush: Spiral, comb the eyebrows and draw heavy marks with the eyebrow pencil to achieve a natural effect. You can also sweep out the excess foundation on the eyebrows to make the eyebrows cleaner.

Cleaning tools: cotton swabs, cotton pads, etc., used to remove stains on the face, can also be used to remove makeup. Other decorations: rhinestones, feathers, etc.

Cosmetic case: pay attention to the rationality of the space structure.

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