• The correct use of sponge eggs Jan 27 , 2022
    The correct use method of makeup sponge egg is to wet 80% after pinching dry water with isolation or foundation liquid pat on the face, remember to use the way of pressing when using. To be effective, they need to be soaked in water before being used.How to apply sponge eggs: BaseThe first step:Prepare a container full of water, add beauty makeup egg, let its absorbing water, water, beauty makeup ...
  • Let’s Talk Makeup Brushes: Which Ones Do You Always Use, and Which Ones Do You Never Touch? Apr 01 , 2022
    And I’m assuming you do too. I'm gonna go out on a limb (not really) and guess that you have more than a few brushes in your collection, so tell me, friend, which makeup brushes do you always use, and which ones do you never (or very rarely) touch?First of all, I’m much pickier about eye brushes than I am about face brushes, which I think is because my lids are sensitive, and I have absolutely...
  • What is the average life of a makeup brush? Mar 25 , 2022
    I bought a lot of brushes before, including animal hair and fiber bristles. I haven't used them many times and haven't cleaned them much either. Can I use them this time?Makeup brush is a necessary makeup tool for every woman, but makeup brush also has a service life, so about how long makeup brush can be used, the following xiaobian for you to say.If you are not using a natural hair makeu...
  • Beauty and Personal Care Global Market Trends Mar 17 , 2022
    1:Global scale of beauty: The global market size of the beauty and personal care industry has maintained rapid growth as a whole. The market size will reach US$527 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$616 billion in 2025;2:Beauty market structure: Asia-Pacific, North America, and Western Europe occupy 83% of the market share, and the top 10 consumer markets account for 65%; among them, the ...
  • How to choose a makeup brush Oct 25 , 2021
    If you want to make your makeup more refined, the rational use of makeup brushes is essential. Different types of brush heads have very different functions and effects. Today, I will briefly talk about the first compulsory course of makeup brushes.According to the classification of hair quality, it can be divided into two categories in simple termsNatural bristles: animal hair, soft hair, strong p...
  • What are the materials of the makeup brush Nov 08 , 2021
    Generally speaking, the service life of makeup brushes is 3 to 5 years, but it also varies with the use and care of each person. Like myself, the shortest brush used for brushing powder seems to be less than half a year, and the longest used for 3 and a half years. The brush used for brushing cream must be cleaned every time it is used up, so the service life will be shorter. . The makeup puff cot...
  • Investigation on the Skills of Using Makeup Brushes Nov 16 , 2021
    Divide the makeup brush carefullyEye shadow brushThe eye shadow brush set of flat form has a few models of big and small commonly, can choose the brush of different size according to the demand of eye makeup.Large eye shadow brush: used for eye base or highlight brightening, color coverage is relatively large.Medium eye shadow brush: suitable for eye socket and double eyelid position color and fai...
  • The development prospect of makeup artist Dec 07 , 2021
    With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to beauty and fashion, and the social demand for professional makeup artists increases. Therefore, makeup artists have a wide range of employment direction and a good prospect.With the booming of photo studios, the flourishing of various talent shows, various fashion conferences and the increasing demand for TV dramas by ...
  • Alibaba International Station March Discount Promotion Feb 12 , 2022
    Alibaba International Station is about to usher in a big promotion in March. BEILI is a professional makeup tool manufacturer. We have prepared a lot of new makeup brushes and hot-selling makeup brushes, and have done super promotions. Some products only need You can take it home for $0.01. We also provide customized services, whether it is customized packaging or customized labels. If you want to...
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