The correct use of sponge eggs Jan 27, 2022

The correct use method of makeup sponge egg is to wet 80% after pinching dry water with isolation or foundation liquid pat on the face, remember to use the way of pressing when using. To be effective, they need to be soaked in water before being used.

  1. How to apply sponge eggs: Base

The first step:Prepare a container full of water, add beauty makeup egg, let its absorbing water, water, beauty makeup the egg swells, take out the full beauty makeup water absorption eggs, with a clean dry towel to beauty makeup egg water to eight points, if not use towels absorb, can also use hand to squeeze dry, but remember that cannot twist, destroy the beauty makeup egg shape, strength is smaller,This will keep the egg moist.

The second step: then, squeeze the right amount of foundation liquid respectively in forehead, nose, chin, two buccal place, with moist beauty makeup egg will foundation by inside outside gently patted open, the place of pointy head can be used to go up nose wing, under the eyes, corners of the mouth and so on place.

2. How to use sponge eggs: Top blush

Beauty makeup egg can be used not only on the bottom makeup, blush can also be on the very natural light oh!Rub the bottom of the egg with the blush and repeat lightly over the apple skin or smudge the egg diagonally upwards.Similarly, can also touch the liquid point of deep uniform foundation pat in the place that needs to repair capacity, as repair capacity is also good.

3. How to use sponge eggs: Concealer

The tip of the beauty makeup egg is designed to cover concealer is very good oh, the concealer point is coated in the position of the need to cover concealer, and the beauty makeup egg is patted open. The effect of smearing out is more natural and light than that of ordinary hand smearing.

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