How often is a good time to wash a makeup brush? Mar 25, 2022

Makeup is something every one of us girls must learn when we go to work or take part in some more important activity.A little makeup is better to show respect.Women like me had to bow to reality and learn makeup.Learning make-up is more important for us women.Makeup can improve our appearance level, make us look more sophisticated, and make us look more pleasant to others.


We buy lots of beauty products and equip them with a make-up kit.When we do makeup, we must have a set of brushes.At first, I didn't know what these brushes were for, but gradually I figured it out.

We often use makeup brushes when applying makeup, and the top of our brushes is often covered with our makeup.We sometimes want to clean them after use.But many people say that the brush should not be washed all the time, because it is easy to make our brush bad, and some people say that the brush should be washed every day, or our brush will not be clean.So how often should we clean our makeup?

Our makeup brush cleaning is delicate, first of all, our makeup brush must be timely cleaning, cleaning time is divided into materials, synthetic fiber hair once a week, animal hair once a fortnight.When buying brushes, be sure to know what material our brushes are made of, so that we will be more convenient when cleaning.Another thing to note is that many people buy new brushes and don't clean them.It's really bad practice and our new brushes have to be cleaned before they can be used so it's safer to use.Makeup brush maker

A lot of people don't know how to clean our makeup brushes, so I would like to introduce two ways to clean them.

The first way: Dry clean our brushes with loose powder. We can dry clean our brushes with the white loose powder we use for makeup. We pour the loose powder on a piece of paper and brush back and forth on the paper towel with our brush until the brush has no color.

The second method is to wash with water.We can buy a bottle of makeup brush cleaner, pour it into a small bowl, soak our brushes in it and brush back and forth until they get clean.

When using our makeup tools, we must keep clean, we must clean our makeup tools in time, do not be lazy, otherwise when making up is very harmful to our skin.

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