Beauty and Personal Care Global Market Trends Mar 17, 2022

1:Global scale of beauty: The global market size of the beauty and personal care industry has maintained rapid growth as a whole. The market size will reach US$527 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$616 billion in 2025;

2:Beauty market structure: Asia-Pacific, North America, and Western Europe occupy 83% of the market share, and the top 10 consumer markets account for 65%; among them, the United States is the world's largest consumer of beauty and personal care, accounting for 18%; Indonesia, Nigeria, and Brazil are respectively

Southeast Asia, Africa and South America are the most densely populated countries, and the growth space is worthy of attention;

3:DTC (Direct To Customer) e-commerce opportunities: The global e-commerce market is US$4.29 trillion, a substantial increase of 24.1% over 2019; the US e-commerce market is US$794.5 billion, and DTC is US$111.2 billion; emerging online retail markets (social e-commerce,

E-commerce platforms, self-built stations) buyers are large in scale and growing rapidly.

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