What is the average life of a makeup brush? Mar 25, 2022

I bought a lot of brushes before, including animal hair and fiber bristles. I haven't used them many times and haven't cleaned them much either. Can I use them this time?Makeup brush is a necessary makeup tool for every woman, but makeup brush also has a service life, so about how long makeup brush can be used, the following xiaobian for you to say.

natural hair makeup brush set

If you are not using a natural hair makeup brush, clean it and store it or put it away.As for whether it can still be used, it is washed first and then see, and then see whether the softness of the brush and the power to grip the powder are still ok.Otherwise, you can only purchase another makeup brush.

Generally speaking, the life of a makeup brush is about a year.

Brush cleaning and maintenance

Usually after using the makeup brush, wash it with cold water every day, or use some mild detergent, or the special detergent for the makeup brush to clean the brush head.If it is animal hair, or delicate, you can use Johnson baby shampoo, or soap is also ok, because there will be a certain amount of grease, it is not easy to fry the brush.

Brush washing tools will be more convenient, such as brush mat, larger, more brushes, so it is also very convenient to wash, for different brushes, there will be different pattern block division, will be more detailed.If you're a beginner, cover the tiny ones with two fingers or brush the eggs.

The brush is basically a circular sweep to get the cleaner out, but it has to be gentle and not too hard!If it is an animal hair brush, be sure to treat differently, remember to use the direction of the brush you usually use to determine the direction of the brush, that is to say, the beauty brush should be one-way use before and after the way, not two-way (is not back and forth, to follow the hair flow, ensure a direction, it is not easy to blow hair).

When washing, the brush head should face down and the water should flow out from above.If the top of the brush is up or the entire brush is in the water, you may think you're clean, but water can easily build up to the bristles and the stem, and the wooden handle can crack.

After rinsing with water, wipe again with cotton towel, on the one hand to ensure that the coat washed clean, leaving no makeup residue, on the other hand can absorb excess water, dry faster.Be sure to brush your hair in one direction as it won't blow up easily.

Finally, it is air-dried.It is better to put in ventilated and cool place, do not insolate.Dry brush holder can be used, brush hair is smooth after cleaning, brush head is vertically placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry, to be dried naturally.If it's some brush or loose brush, after washing you find a little fried hair?It doesn't matter. Put the protective cover on it, and it'll dry as usual. Makeup brush maker-beilibrush

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