How to avoid makeup brush hair loss? Apr 27, 2022

First, wash makeup brush water temperature should not be too high.Personally, it feels a little warm, but not cold enough.At the same time, do not let nozzle be wet by water as far as possible, so that can reduce the makeup brush hair caused by makeup.When brushing, it is best to use left and right flat brushes or circles.Do not tug on the brush head.If washed this way, the hair that falls out is mostly untied short hairs or broken hairs.After the makeup brush is done, gently squeeze the tip of your hair from the nozzle with an absorbent tissue or paper towel to absorb moisture.Do not use a towel to wipe, do not rub hard, and then hang upside down or flat to dry.

vegan makeup brushes

When using a vegan makeup brushes, gently apply makeup in the direction of the bristles.Keep the bristles away from hard and sharp objects.You can try it.Use eyebrow tweezers to gently grip thin, lightweight wool.The bristles will break if you don't use force.

Most of the makeup brushes we use are dyed or bleached and have very little natural hair color.The stained bristles may fade during the first few washes.At this time the bristles are basically floating color, wash a few more can be washed.By the appointed time, in later use process, can bring about the brush wool that a few factors make up brush to fade again.At this time we should pay attention to the use of the method is appropriate.

If the same brush fades every time you wash it, make sure you use the right cleanser.After dyeing our hair, our stylist usually reminds us to wash our hair with a slightly acidic shampoo and a moderate temperature to ensure the color lasts longer.Similarly, alkaline cleaners and high water temperatures can cause bristles to fade.

If your makeup brush doesn't notice significant discoloration, but the bristles have lightened over time, it could be that your makeup brush has been exposed to the sun for a long time.

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