How to use different types of makeup brushes? May 07, 2022

In the whole makeup look, the most important is foundation, so the most worthy investment is also foundation makeup brush!What are the differences between different types of paint?How to use them?

foundation makeup brush

In addition to makeup tips, there are a few things that might be possible to make your makeup look great.

In addition to makeup tips, there are a few things that might be possible to make your makeup look great. In makeup brush should be affected by powdery bottom above all.After all, makeup is the most natural, so the most natural is the foundation brush!A foundation brush will be better than any other makeup tool, with better details.However, the skin condition is so bad that the skin is not suitable for brushing!

Paint with artificial fiber wool bottom brush do commonly, because of crystal powder water oil so makeup brush can moisture-proof oil, water, with artificial brush will be better.However, because the hair will be very fine, it will feel a little fierce, do not use hard skin sensitive!

Basic brush can be roughly divided into flat head, flat head, oblique head, oblique head grain.Of course, there are thin bevel head, bevel head, irregular brush head.

Various types of brush heads, such as foundation, are applicable to brush heads, which should be applied when foundation is applied, following the back of the hand to the mounting wing.Take water from the bottom everywhere, etc.Feel and use.

Dip head in foundation, BB, BB, medium foundation.It's going to go in like a little foundation.Head, when you wait, be careful not to draw the circle to make these natural points, so that you can achieve the natural effect in the center of the circle.

Flathead brush, BB thick, then please wipe powder with child pat bottom liquid, from the world suitable for work.If your device uses hot powder, you can use the device to operate the device.Quickly push foundation, blend skin, brush brush effectively.The problem was not solved.This could be a problem in itself, or it could not match the foundation.I have to do it another way or I have to do it another way.

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