How to use makeup brush set Dec 31, 2021


The first is the foundation makeup brush that we will use first. The foundation brush is an invisible tool for makeup, such as nasolabial lines, mouth lines, pores, etc., which can be hidden with one brush. If the foundation brush is selected correctly, the makeup is half of the success. The foundation brushed out by the foundation brush will be more translucent and less heavy.

The foundation brush can effectively smooth the fine lines or blemishes on the face, and it can also save you a lot of foundation. Once you use the makeup brush handily, you can create a thin, hydrated and shiny makeup with it.

After understanding the foundation brush, you need to see what kind of foundation brush is suitable for you. First, compare the brushes of several domestic brands (because the price is relatively affordable and easy to use). Many brands of foundation brushes are made of artificial hair. Because artificial hair is more suitable for liquid and cream cosmetics



After finishing the foundation, the next step is the step of powder. It is about to introduce the power of powder. It is softer and more natural than powder puff, and it can be painted very evenly.

The most common loose powder brush is the large round head loose powder brush, the large round head loose powder brush is the boss in the brush, the amount of powder is large, and the powder is fast. At the same time, because of this relationship, the details are not very good. There is a complementary loose powder brush-the cone loose powder brush, which is easier to deal with the details of the face, and it can also be dipped in glitter powder to shine on the part.

Fan-shaped powder brush for surplus powder, the fan-shaped brush can be used horizontally to sweep the powder on a large area, tilted for highlighting, vertical use can also handle the details of the nose and other parts.

Fan-shaped powder brush

Fan-shaped powder brush


Blush brush, good complexion comes to you, blush brush should choose soft bristles, soft bristles will not appear uneven brush marks when using.

Tips for selection: squeeze the brush into the palm of your hand, and the brush that can be pressed all down (see the picture below) is good enough.

Blush brush

The blush brush with a round tip and round brush is a relatively common one. The bristles are round-pointed, which is the easiest to eat, but can have a smudge and soft effect. Suitable for large areas of color, suitable for natural and lovely round blush bevel brushes.


Eye shadow brush, eye makeup is the most important part of makeup, it needs a set of use, this

The effect is more three-dimensional and natural. The large brush is used to glue light-colored eyeshadow as the base, medium and small

The brush is used to refine the eye shadow.

For the eye shadow brush, choose a flexible and flexible brush. A smooth brush is conducive to styling, and it is exquisite

The arc is good for drawing eyeshadow, and the effect of blooming is better.

See if the following brushes are available, you know that the steps of eye makeup are complicated, but eye shadow

Create this step, your makeup effect will be doubled.


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