The Origin of Christmas Dec 20, 2021

An important Christian festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.Also known as Jesus Christmas, the Main nativity festival, also known as the Catholic Christmas feast.The date of Jesus' birth is not recorded in the Bible.In 336 AD the Roman Church began to celebrate the festival on December 25.December 25 is the original Roman Empire provisions of the sun god's birthday.Some believe that Christmas was chosen because Christians believe That Jesus is the just and eternal sun.After the middle of the 5th century, Christmas as an important festival, has become a church tradition, and in the East and West church gradually spread.Due to the different calendars used, the specific dates and forms of activities held by denominations are also different.Christmas customs spread to Asia mainly in the middle of the 19th century, Japan, Korea and other countries have been affected by the Christmas culture.Now in the West in Christmas often give gifts to each other, held a feast, and to Santa Claus, Christmas tree to add to the festive atmosphere, has become a common custom.Christmas has also become a public holiday in the Western world and many other places

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