Investigation on the Skills of Using Makeup Brushes Nov 16, 2021

Divide the makeup brush carefully

  1. Eye shadow brush

The eye shadow brush set of flat form has a few models of big and small commonly, can choose the brush of different size according to the demand of eye makeup.

Large eye shadow brush: used for eye base or highlight brightening, color coverage is relatively large.

Medium eye shadow brush: suitable for eye socket and double eyelid position color and faint, medium size brush head can better control the scope of painting, make eye shadow color concentration.

Small eye shadow brush: Applies to eye folds, eyelid areas and other areas of eye shadow, compacts eye shadow color, creates a fine look.

The eye shadow brush of round head applies to eye shadow coloring already, also can serve as the tool of dizzy dye eye shadow, round head soft wool qualitative can bring comfortable touch feeling.

2. Blush brush and facial brush

The brush head that cheek is brushed shows semicircular radian commonly, suit to hit long form, circle or flake cheek is red, and can make cheek red diverges evenly on cheek.

The head of the brush is inclined at 45 degrees. It is used for touching the powder to create a natural shadow and modify the contour of the face.A contouring brush can also be used to create a stereoscopic oblique blush.

3, honey paint

Honey paint is all brush with the most wool, the most soft one, powder effect than with powder puff pressed honey powder more uniform, light, natural.The chubby cylindrical tip can also be used to create cute round apple blush.

4. Foundation brush

The bristles of the foundation brush are generally made of nylon high fiber, and the foundation can be quickly created into a natural, uniform and meticulous foundation.The use method that powdery bottom brushes is: squeeze liquid of powdery bottom first, brush with powdery bottom a few evenly touch liquid of powdery bottom, brush 90 degrees erect back and forth ground is brushed evenly in facial ministry next powdery bottom fluid, in order to build the effect that connect fully, press block flaw in the place that has blemish finally.

5. Eyeliner brush

Eyeliner brush is usually used with eyeliner cream or powder eyeliner to accurately delineate the eyeliner.Eyeliner brush has two kinds of brush heads, one is vertical brush head (1N), the other is oblique brush head (9N).Vertical brush head is longer, soft, fine, suit to draw fine eyeliner.The Angle of the oblique brush head is relatively close to the shape of the eye, so the brush head will not sway when tracing the eyeliner, which is easy to grasp and can draw the eyeliner with thin or thick.

6, the lip brush

Lip brush with lipstick or lip color, can draw the outline of a person's lips, showing the rich lip color.There are two types of lip brushes, flat and half round.Flat head lip brush (3N) is suitable for large lip shape, daub quickly, can draw a more obvious sense of lip shape.Nylon bristles and tiny heads can also be used for concealer.Semi-round tip lip brush (4N) apply lip balm or gloss evenly.

Portable lip brush with brush cover, more sanitary, you can put it in the makeup bag when going out, easy to carry.

Teach you how to buy a makeup brush

1, to understand their need to create makeup and have the texture of cosmetics.

2. Hold the head of the brush with your fingers and gently stroke the bristles to observe whether the hair is falling off.

3. Press the brush head to see if the shape of the bristles is regular.

4. Try the softness of the bristles on your face.

5. Try whether the brush is good for coloring. Generally speaking, the brush with dense bristles is better for coloring, and the color of the painting is more solid, while the brush with thinner bristles is often less than color.

Clean and maintain makeup brushes

If you do not do a good job of standard cleaning brush, not only will shorten the life of the brush, affect the effect of makeup, but also cause the breeding of bacteria in the brush.Below, Muse will tell you a few good ways to maintain and clean brush tools.

1, usually after using the brush, you can dip some honey powder, with the honey powder will brush the color away.

2. When cleaning brushes, professional brush cleaners should be selected, which can not only disinfect brushes, but also form a protective film on the brush head.To use, spray the cleaner onto the bristles and brush it several times over a paper towel.If the bristles are dark, dip the bristles into the cleanser.

3. After cleaning the brush, lay it flat to dry. Do not expose the brush to the sun, nor insert the brush into the pen holder to dry in an upright position, otherwise it will lead to the deformation of the bristles.

4, brush do not wash too often, especially animal hair brush, to wash with less water.

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