What are the materials of the makeup brush Nov 08, 2021

Generally speaking, the service life of makeup brushes is 3 to 5 years, but it also varies with the use and care of each person. Like myself, the shortest brush used for brushing powder seems to be less than half a year, and the longest used for 3 and a half years. The brush used for brushing cream must be cleaned every time it is used up, so the service life will be shorter. . The makeup puff cotton used to put on the foundation. You should replace the puff when you see that the puff is no longer flat or even start to show signs of swarf. However, it does not need to be thrown away immediately. It can be used as a powder brush after each use. Simple and clean.

Regarding the materials of makeup brushes, they are mainly divided into yellow wolf hair, squirrel hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, raccoon hair, horse hair, badger hair, zest hair, pig bristles, and nylon hair. Next, let’s talk about these materials separately:

  1. Yellow wolf hair: It is also called mink hair, which can be regarded as the top bristles. Since the yellow wolf tail does not have a long size, it is generally used as an eye shadow brush and lip brush. The softness and elasticity are very good. However, because of its own characteristics, the softness when making a short-bristle brush is not so good, which will make people mistakenly think that it is a tie, so when choosing a yellow wolf short-bristle brush (smoky brush), you need to do something. Children are little psychologically prepared.

2. Squirrel hair: high-grade hair with very good luster. It is characterized by thick roots        and thin tips, but it is slightly less elastic. It is more suitable for brushes for large-              area makeup. Fine brushes are not suitable.

3. Squirrel hair: It is also a relatively high-end brush material, and its most conspicuous        place is its fineness and smoothness. The hair roots are very thick, and making the            brush alone will cause the embarrassment of thin and hollow hair, so it is usually              mixed with other materials


 4. Goat wool: As the most common brush material, goat hair is definitely a favorite of      many people, but it is also graded. There are 21 kinds in total.

    (1) The fine light front wool is the most top-quality, and its texture and price are all catching up with squirrel hair.

    (2) Zhongguangfeng wool is the material second only to fine light front wool.

    (3) White Jianfeng wool, second to Zhongguangfeng wool, has fine and straight hair peaks, which can be regarded as relatively high-end wool.

    (4) Yellow pointed wool is consi dered to be a medium-to-higher wool material, and its softness is not as good as the above three excellent ones.

    (5) Yellow and white peak wool, as the name suggests, is the type that wanders between the white peak and the yellow peak.

    (6) Shuangqi wool, relatively low-grade, thick wool and no hair peaks.

    (7) Single-qi wool, similar to double-qi wool

5. Racoon hair: high-grade hair, soft hair, often used as a powder brush. I don’t have        the habit of brushing with leftover powder. I usually use some spacer cotton before         applying eyeshadow, or when I’m lazy, I use double eyelid tape to gently stick off           the leftover powder.

6. Horse hair: It is a common brush material second only to wool. It is characterized by        soft hair but poor elasticity. Like wool, horsehair comes in three or six grades. Washed      horse hair is better than natural horse hair, and long hair is better than short hair. The      washed long horsehair can be comparable to high-end wool brushes.

7. Badger hair, Doxy hair, and pig bristlesThese three are grouped together because they are usually used for the production of eyebrow brushes. I personally feel that the texture of pig bristles is slightly worse than the former two.

8. Nylon wool: man-made fiber and environmentally friendly mink wool are talking about it. Mainly divided into two categories, corrugated wool and straight silk, straight silk is divided into single-color silk, two-color silk, and three-color silk. The corrugated hair is used as a loose powder brush and blush brush, and the straight wire is mostly used as a foundation brush and eye brush.

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